Organization and Goal Setting Before Creating an Internet Marketing Design

By | July 26, 2017

It is a good idea to get organized and establish some goals before beginning any size of marketing campaign. What is the intended end result of the campaign? Yes, everyone wants to make more money and increase their visibility. It is a good idea to establish an ultimate goal. For example, earning a specific percentage of return on the investment or adding 30 new customers by the end of the year. With a goal set for the campaign, it is then time to plan out how to make that happen and this means designing a website. Here are the questions to ask as that step begins.

Who is the targeted customer?

Does the company attempt to sell to everyone or is there a specific demographic that uses the product or service? Determining this helps to narrow down where to advertise, the tone of the advertisements and much more. Knowing the audience makes it easier to determine if the website needs to be mobile device ready, what the graphics should look like and if the company should invest in apps.

Why is this company the best?

Very few businesses offer something so unique they do not have competition. A business cannot just tell people to buy their product or use their service because they are better than everyone else. Determine why people should only consider this company and what sets it apart from the competition and develop a campaign that convinces people that these claims are true.

What branding would define the company?

Branding matters because consumers should be able to look at a color combination or a logo and instantly know who it represents. These colors and images need to be incorporated into all advertising but they are not all that is involved in branding. The way the company deals with their customers, their company motto and even the involvement they have with their community or with charitable organizations all becomes a part of who they are.

Before starting any internet marketing design for a website or social media page be certain to answer these three questions thoroughly. It is important for companies to remain consistent in what they offer and how they look. The consistency and the detailed message will add to their professionalism and inspire more confidence in consumers.