4 Things to Know About Colorado Springs Website Management

By | June 2, 2017

Few website visitors consider what goes into developing or updating a site, which is fine—as long as the site is meeting the company’s marketing goals. However, site owners should understand the below facts about colorado springs website management.

The Average Website Only Lasts Two Years

Web browsers and internet devices are always changing, which means that web design and development methods must change. To stay relevant, a site must stay on top of new coding standards, capability updates and search engine requirements. An old, outdated site may not display properly, and sites require maintenance as browsers and devices change how sites are displayed and accessed.

The Site Displays Differently on Others’ Devices

When a site is viewed through a browser such as Google Chrome, it likely looks different from the same site as seen through a different browser like Safari. Much depends on rendering and parsing, or the way browsers translate code into an on-screen display. It’s the dev’s job to ensure that a site looks good and functions well across different browsers and media.

Images Can Have Harmful or Beneficial Effects on a Website

Images, video and other multimedia content are an important part of a site. If used incorrectly, they can severely inhibit the site’s performance. When visitors have to wait for pages to load, there’s a high likelihood that they’ll get impatient enough to go somewhere else. A web developer will ensure that images engage visitors, rather than drive them away.

Site Design Influences Visitors’ Behavior

The internet has changed the way viewers browse and read content. If a site’s visitors cannot quickly skim through the site and find important information right away, they’re likely to leave. It’s as simple as that! A web designer should strive to create a site that quickly guides viewers to important info. Analytic tools and heat maps help developers find out which links and buttons are popular with site visitors, so they can continually improve the UX (user experience) during future site updates.

While most people don’t think about what goes on behind the scenes, web designers make it a priority. Call or click today to learn more about web design and development services.